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As most of you know, Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods 2 is supposed to come out in 2015. Now with that coming out soon, I think I should share a little theory of mine on how God Mode works. 

I don't think Goku got any stronger with Super Sayian God. I think he just simply got a better energy. As everyone knows, in the world of DBZ, everyone uses Ki to perform special moves. Just like how in Naruto people use Chakra. I don't think that Goku increased his power, but rather used a different type of power. Very similar to Naruto going Sage Mode. He isn't getting more Chakra, just a better chakra. 

The thing that makes me think this, is that, first off, my biggest point is that when Goku first met Bills, Bills said "It seems the energy you humans called 'Ki' doesnt work on us Gods. Or something along those lines. That implies that God beings like Bills use something other than Ki. Also, when someone goes Super Sayian, their Ki output increases, which in turn increases their power. Strength, Speed, Dexterity, etc. Which brings me to my next point on why I think this. When Goku was fighting Bills, as a Super Sayian 3, he never really touched Bills. Bills dodged everything Goku threw at him. Except for when Goku punched him from behind and Bills caught it. My theory on this related back to what Bills said. "Ki doesn't work on us Gods." My guess, is that when Bills caught Goku's punch, it nullified all of the Ki he had in his fist. Making it to where he might as well have been in base form when he punched him. And also why Bills hit so hard. 

This is also shown when Vegeta went on his rampage against Bills. Yes, he did go Super Sayian, meaning he had Ki behind him. But remember what I said earlier. Bills nullifies Ki, therefore he might as well be base form when punches him. My guess, is that it is just as Roshi said. Vegeta finally surpassed Goku for that brief moment. His base form is stronger than Goku's base form, therefore able to do more damage in a punch. That, and Vegeta actually landed hits. Instead of being blocked or dodged. And Vegeta's rampage ended in a big ass Ki blast. Which did nothing to Bills. So even more proving that Ki, especially pure Ki does nothing to the Gods. 

My last point, happens to be my weakest. If you pay close attention, the aura from Super Sayian Goku, has a very different animation and flow then that of the aura from his Super Sayian God mode. As well as the Ki blasts from the Z fighters having a different animation than the energy bolts fired by Bill. 

Well with that, what do you think about this theory? Do you agree? Do you disagree, go ahead and comment and we can talk about it. 

 - Keep Your :iconswagplz: 


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Rashad Barnes
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I am a 18 year old with too much time on his hands. I don't do drawing much that's my brother's specialty but I am good at making stories and fanime (yeah im also an Otaku)

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