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Black Bullet First Impressions

Sun Apr 13, 2014, 10:26 AM

Well, its very interesting. No doubt about that. 

Start off with what seems to be an apocalypse in the slums as a child walks in what looks like a refugee camp, when all of the sudden they are attacked by a giant Mothra Dragon Bird thing. Everyone starts shitting themselves and aircraft start coming in and shit gets wrecked and then opening credits. 

Fast forward ten years later and we see the boy in the intro now 16 years old and a Civil Officer working for Tendo Security Agency. He is going to investigate a case about blood dripping from the cieling, which is assumed to be a Gastraea, the species of monster in the intro. We are also informed that civil officers are  normally in pairs with some one called an 'initiator'. However the only explanation we get is a quick flash back of a girl falling off of a bike. When they arrive to the scene the protagonist busts in there to find a room covered in blood with a handful of dead officers and a man in a red coat, top hat and a mask. Saying, "you're late." 

This is when I started getting lost, because he asked if he was 'one of us' basically asking if the man in red was a Civil Officer. The man replies by saying he was looking for the Gastrea but he isnt affiliated with the Civil Officers. And then admits that HE was the one to kill the officers. From there Rentaro I probably butchered the hell out of his name tries to fight him. And he clearly knows some kind of specific Martial Art or style, but I queston if he is normal human or super powered. Because either he is really strong of the animators exagurated his attacks because these collisions were too dynamic to be normal fighting. 

But what was REALLY badass was that after knocking Rentaro the fuck out the guy in red picked up the phone and stted casually chatting. And then he was still fighting. He even shot a couple of officers without even lookin, just casually chatting on the phone while kicking some ass. And I have to say the animation for this is SO fluid. 

And then there came a point where Rentaro uses the special moves I was saying earlier. Well not special like he shoots a fire ball or anything but it must stand out from normal kicks because he named them specifically. First was 'Inzen: Kokutenfu' which just looks like a normal spinning side kick. And then there was 'Inzen: Genmeika' which was a spin kick with enough force to crack the dude's neck when it made contact with his head. What I can assume from here is that Inzen is a martial art and Genmeika and Kokutenfu are forms from the martial art. I guess we'll learn more later on. 

And how does Mr. Red react to his neck getting broken? Mother fucker just snaps it back into place and goes on with his conversation. Then he hangs up and congratulates the main character for landing a solid hit on him. And then asks for his name, and Rentaro actually goes along and tells him his full name like an idiot. Mr. Red says goodbye and then leaves, claiming he is the man that will destroy the world. And then we get some vague and confusing scuttles about infection and Pandemics. . . . .Zombies? 

Then scene shifts over to a loli who is claiming to be Rentaro's fiancee. damn loli's And then while running she is met by a man who looks like he is turning into a zombie, asking for directions. Its obvious he . . . somehow . . . doesnt know he's in the state he is in and the Loli warns him that she can't do anything for him and if he has any last words he should speak then and there. It is then revealed that he is infected by a Gastrea and turns into one himself. A giant yellow spider monster! RAAAWWWWRRRR!!!

 . . . . and of course the spider shoots sticky white web at her covering the Loli . . . . come on japan . . . . . .  . But the loli-con fanservice doesnt last long as the spider bitch slaps her across the street. The dedective from earlier arrives a second later and tries shooting it with no lucks, but then ol' boy Rotaro comes in admitting that normal bullets wont work, so he starts using the Black Bullets made of Varanium, a metal that can stop a Gastraea from reforming. And then the loli comes in and kicks its ass. . . . I'm series, she jumps in and kicks its leg off. So remember when I was question if Rotaro was normal? She obviously isnt. 

From there all seriousness is thrown out the window. She then explains that she is Rotaro's initiator, his partner. And also his self proclaimed fiancee. Which Rotaro disagrees to, as he has no intrest in loli's. And then they run off because they don't want to miss a food sale on bean buns. 

As soon as they leave, it is explained what they are exactly. Initiators, also known as cursed children, such as the loli, are superhumans and humanity's last hope against the Gastraea. When someone gets thier blood infected or something along those lines, they get turned into a Gastraea. However there were cases when a woman that is pregnant gets infected, and instead of turning into a Gastreae, the infection goes into thier womb and the child is born as a superhuman with red eyes. And for some reason they are all girls. 

OH SHIT!! My worse nightmare has come true. An army of super loli's!! God help us all!!! 

Rotaro heads back to the office building to report in where he is basically bullied by all of his co-workers, calling him useless good for nothing and stuff.  . . . . damn a deranged super loli at home and bitch bullies at work, thi sguy's life sucks. Yeah by the way the oli lives with and keeps offering him sex. However Rotaro doesnt like loli's so he is declining. That he a 16 year old fucking a 10 year old will be wierd. 

We also learn that Rotaro's boss, Kisara and her family took him in and raised him, and is adept in Tendo Martial Arts from iado. And I can assume he learned to fight from there. 

After having an awkward dinner with the Loli (her name is Enjun by the way) he gives her a shot, which I can assume is for all Cursed Children, but I don't really know what that is, hopefully it will be explained later. The next day he wakes up and brings her to school before going off on his own, then the episode ends. 

So far I enjoy it, its my kind of series. Its a bit dark, decent action and has a sense of humor. Also a SLIGHT romance factor between Rotaro and the boss Kisara. It also has a lot of mystery having me ask a lot of questions. Where did these Gastreae come from? Who is that man in red? Why are the Cursed Children all have to be loli's? Is Rotaro some kind of superperson or are the hits just dramatized? We'll have to find out, in this adventure that is, Black Bullet. 

 - Keep Your :iconswagplz: 



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