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It's a bit sloppy right now. I hope to fix it up as time goes on. 
Strength isn't the lack of weakness. It isn't something we are born with. Strength isn't an ability, it is an act. It is the act of over coming weakness. We are all born weak. Sloth, Gluttony, Lust, Pride, Envy, Wrath, Greed. These are things we are born with. When we are born, we are all helpless and pathetic. Restraint, predinence, fortitude, justice, temperence etc. These are things we learn. We learn right from wrong, but only by first knowing what was wrong in the first place. The only time you can become strong, is when you understand that you are weak. Everyone is weakm that's why you become strong. You can only become strong, when you understand that you are weak. The only time you can stand up, is when you are on the ground. The only kind of people who don't get knocked down, are the ones who don't even stand up in the first place. Because you can only start winning, when you stop being scared of losing.
I never really saw myself being a leader. Nor do I count myself as one. But somehow I ended up being a leader figure somehow. And really, it's hard. Scary even. 

Everyone is always leaning on you. And you feel as if you can't show weakness or lean on others. No matter how much you know you can. People will look up to you, praise you, you'll be the 'cool guy'. But you question if that's all they see. You sometimes question if you're a friend or just a security blanket. People seem to only want you when they need you. And the for most of them, the minute you drop the superman persona they saw in you, they lose faith in you. 

But that doesn't matter. Because as a leader role, you yourself have undying dog like loyalty. Or is dog like stupidity? 

It isn't that you don't want to support everyone, and you wish you could. It's just, hard to give everyone support, without ignoring your own needs. And you feel like a failure, when the one you want to support the most, is the one who rejects it. 
As most of you know, Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods 2 is supposed to come out in 2015. Now with that coming out soon, I think I should share a little theory of mine on how God Mode works. 

I don't think Goku got any stronger with Super Sayian God. I think he just simply got a better energy. As everyone knows, in the world of DBZ, everyone uses Ki to perform special moves. Just like how in Naruto people use Chakra. I don't think that Goku increased his power, but rather used a different type of power. Very similar to Naruto going Sage Mode. He isn't getting more Chakra, just a better chakra. 

The thing that makes me think this, is that, first off, my biggest point is that when Goku first met Bills, Bills said "It seems the energy you humans called 'Ki' doesnt work on us Gods. Or something along those lines. That implies that God beings like Bills use something other than Ki. Also, when someone goes Super Sayian, their Ki output increases, which in turn increases their power. Strength, Speed, Dexterity, etc. Which brings me to my next point on why I think this. When Goku was fighting Bills, as a Super Sayian 3, he never really touched Bills. Bills dodged everything Goku threw at him. Except for when Goku punched him from behind and Bills caught it. My theory on this related back to what Bills said. "Ki doesn't work on us Gods." My guess, is that when Bills caught Goku's punch, it nullified all of the Ki he had in his fist. Making it to where he might as well have been in base form when he punched him. And also why Bills hit so hard. 

This is also shown when Vegeta went on his rampage against Bills. Yes, he did go Super Sayian, meaning he had Ki behind him. But remember what I said earlier. Bills nullifies Ki, therefore he might as well be base form when punches him. My guess, is that it is just as Roshi said. Vegeta finally surpassed Goku for that brief moment. His base form is stronger than Goku's base form, therefore able to do more damage in a punch. That, and Vegeta actually landed hits. Instead of being blocked or dodged. And Vegeta's rampage ended in a big ass Ki blast. Which did nothing to Bills. So even more proving that Ki, especially pure Ki does nothing to the Gods. 

My last point, happens to be my weakest. If you pay close attention, the aura from Super Sayian Goku, has a very different animation and flow then that of the aura from his Super Sayian God mode. As well as the Ki blasts from the Z fighters having a different animation than the energy bolts fired by Bill. 

Well with that, what do you think about this theory? Do you agree? Do you disagree, go ahead and comment and we can talk about it. 

 - Keep Your :iconswagplz: 
Well first, let me start with what my hopes for the ending was, WAAAAAAAAAY back, about a good two or three years ago, before Madara had been introduced and the Masked Man, AKA Obito, AKA Tobi, was the main problem. 

My initial hope was that, there would be this uber big war like battle between Tobi and the villages. And in the thick of it all, Naruto and Kakashi fought through some canon fodder and made their way to Obito and Sasuke. From there they have a two on two fight but in the middle of it, Obito and Kakashi transport somewhere and there is a one on one fight between Kakashi and Obito, meanwhile Naruto and Sasuke have their final battle. Naruto beats Sasuke after a long ass fight, and after the shit has been knocked out of em, there is now room for reasoning. NARUTO is the one to finally convince Sasuke to stop what he is doing and just come back to the Leaf Village, because it's over. He's had his revenge on Itachi, that he didn't need in the first place, he has people that want to see him, especially Naruto and Sakura. Meanwhile, Obito defeats, and maybe even kills Kakashi. And Naruto and Sasuke, both battle worn from their epic battle, have to team up to fight Obito, who controlling the Tailed Beasts. Naruto shares some of his chakra with Sasuke, Sasuke does the same, and they end it with a badass Rasengan Chidori combo. Afterwards, the village respects Sasuke for helping Naruto defeat the Masked Man and bring peace back, but Sasuke is guilt stricken from the shit he's done and lives on the outskirts of the village kind of like a hermit. 

^That is what I was hoping for. Now, for those of you who keep up with Naruto, either the manga, or the anime, you would know this is NOT how it is going down AT ALL!

By the way, I'm giving a Spoiler Alert now for those who aren't caught up, read the rest at your own risk. So, as of right now, all shit is done. Obito is taken care of, Madara is taken care of, and Kaguya is taken care of. However, Sasuke doesn't know how to chill the fuck out for a day or two after they've been fighting for like, I'm pretty sure at least 3 or days days at the least, he is STILL like, "Oh, BT Dubbs, I'm still evil." And the entire fanbase collectively says ":iconyoudontsayplz:". Now my top five hopes and expectations for this final battle.

# 5: No Interference - I want there to be a possibility of interference, like Kakashi and Sakura are watching, but they know this HAS to happen. So both of them are sitting their asses down and watching it from a safe distance. It should be Naruto and Sasuke fighting, no more no less. Any and everything else needs to be resolved, let it be resolved before or after the battle. Not during. All of the attention should be on these two, at each other's throats. 

# 4: Sakura Needs to Stop Being Thirsty - SOMEONE GET THIS BITCH A BOTTLE OF WATER!! I mean seriously!! I've always, always always hated Sakura, and going into deep detail on why, is another conversation for another time. I'm going to make a VERY long story short and say Sakura needs to stop riding that Sasuke dick. Just stop. It's not healthy. And if they end up together, I'll be bitter sweet. I don't ship Sakura and Sasuke, but at the same time I don't not ship it. Honestly I don't care. Just as long as Naruto gets with Hinata in the end. OTP for life. Sasuke and Sakura can have a Romeo and Juliet thing for all I care. Which brings me to my next point. 

# 3: NaruHina - Please Kishimoto. Just. Please. OTP man. It's like my only OTP aside from Jin Mori and Yu Mira from God of Highschool. Please Miyamoto. Don't let that confession AND the hand holding and shit go to waste. 

# 2: BEAT! THAT! ASS! - This probably won't happen, but I want to see Naruto DESTROY Sasuke! I want Naruto to beat that ass! Just straight up go to town on him, bend over across his lap and have at his ass with a paddle and then send him to the corner to think about what he did with no supper! Am I exaggerating? No! I want this fight to be one sided. Naruto just, proving up and down he has surpassed Sasuke in every shape and form. Naruto needs to let him know, straight up "I'm stronger! Faster! AND my dick's bigger too!!" Was that last bit too much? Probably, but it's also probably true! Now, this probably won't happen. And even if it does, it wont be until the very very end of the battle when they've both run out of Chakra, and Sasuke's sword is broken or something, leaving them to fight hand to hand. I doubt I'll see this, but God knows I want to.  

# 1: Fight Club - As I said earlier, this fight is between Naruto and Sasuke. It should stay that way. No Sage Mode. No Six Paths Chakra. No Bijuus. No Sharingan or Renningan. Just Naruto and his Chakra reserves, vs Sasuke and his Chakra reserves. Very similar to the beginning of the battle in the Final Valley. Only this time Naruto needs to look at Kurama and be like "Yo. I got this. Let me handle this one.", while Sasuke is going to be a cocky jackass and say something like "I don't even need my eyes to beat you." And let just those two with their own personal talents and abilities go at it. Now, I am well aware that with how this fight is being set up, that won't happen. At least not until the final stage of the battle. Just as long as I get this, I'll be satisfied with the fight itself. And of course, we all know it's going to end with a Rasengan and Chidori clash. And in my hopes, a basic Rasengan vs a basic Chidori. Reminiscing and symbolizing all the way back to the beginning. 

So, what are your hopes and expectations to the final battle of Naruto and it's ending entirely? What do you think of my choices? Do you agree, disagree? Feel free to comment leave a comment and we can talk about it. 

 - Keep Your :iconswagplz:
  • Mood: Artistic
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It's a bit sloppy right now. I hope to fix it up as time goes on. 


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